Recording and Equipment


Cadac J Series 24 channel
Not as well known as your neves or SSL
desk but packs a punch that makes it
comparable to their sonic qualities

Neve 1083 Dual Preamp
Thermionic Culture Rooster
Universal Audio LA-610
Chandler Germainium Pre Amp/DI
Joe Meek SC2.2 Stereo Compressor

Coles 4038 x 2
Neumann U87 Vintage
AKG 414 Xlii Stereo Pair
Royer 121 x 2
Beyerdynamic M160
Beyerdynamic M201
Beyerdynamic M88
Sennheiser MD421 x 2
Sennheiser MD441
Electrovoice RE20
Warm Audio U47 Valve Mic
Shure SM57 x 3

British Drum Company Legend Series
1950s Premier with original calf Skin
1970s Beverly (Sounds amazing)
Ludwig Emo
Ludwig Acrolite Snare
Ludwig Supraphonic LM402
Premier Vintage Snare
Various Cymbals and percussion

Marshall Master PA100
Wem Dominator
Vox AC30
Selmer Treble Bass
Selmer All Purpose 30
Soundcity Concord
Ampeg PF20t
George Denis The Blue
Elpico Valve Amp
HH IC100

Various Organs (hammond, harmonium, Church, Reid)
Upright Piano
Wem Copycat Tape Delay
HH Tape Delay
Pioner SR-202 Spring Verb

Here at Nine Volt Leap there is a large range of world class equipment all ready to use with every recording session. I really believe that getting the sound right at source is so important, which is why I have spent so many years collecting different drums, guitar amps, bass amps, microphone, FX Pedals, etc. Please have a look through my equipment list and have a listen to some examples of songs recorded here.

Please contact me for pricing so I can quote you on your individual needs.

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