About Nine Volt Leap

Nine Volt Leap has been ran by producer/engineer Dominic Bailey-Clay for the last 14 years. My aim when opening the studio was to create a comfortable, affordable yet high end recording studio for all to use. As a young musician I wasn’t able to afford to record which lead me to learn how to do it myself. I started with the most basic of equipment and slowly built up my knowledge and started seriously pursuing a career in sound.

Vintage Neumann U87

Weather it be an album, an E.P or just a single, I am able to help and I always want to get the best from every session I am involved in no matter how big or small. I always work closely with every artist and band to make sure I am on the same wave as them before we go in to track. I want to know what you want so I can make it happen.

I love to have fun recording and believe that it should be fun, creative and never stressful. I love to experiment with bands if they wish to. I have a lot of different instruments, effects and acoustic spaces that can be used to create
something truly unique.

Have an explore through the website to see some examples of work I have done and list of all the wonderful pieces of equipment you could use if you choose to record at Nine Volt Leap. Feel free to call me to have a chat about future project you might be interested in working with me on.

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